Why PVC Cladding is Such a Popular Option | Reasons To Use It

by Thiago Agostinho

Renovating your property is not a task to be undertaken lightly, not least due to the fact that there are an abundance of decorative options from which you can choose from. Some of you, for instance, may be convinced that your best-bet is to purchase old-fashioned tiles, as they are fantastic for period homes. However, if you are trying to create a first-class modern property, look no further than PVC cladding. Below, the Bath Clad team have taken the liberty of providing a guide on the benefits that you need to know about. 

Fantastic Durability

It would be impossible for us to talk about the wonderful advantages regarding PVC cladding without pausing to draw your attention to the durability of the panels. In case you didn’t know, PVC is a type of synthetic plastic; when it was initially developed, it was done so with the intention that it would be incredibly strong. The reason that this is important is because they can go through a lot before they get damaged.

Moisture Resistant

As we are sure you already know, there is a significant amount of water vapour in the air - you can notice this from the moment that you walk into your bathroom. Unfortunately, this can mean that unless your walls have the right covers, they will be susceptible to rot. If left untreated, you could find yourself dealing with structural damage before long. Thankfully, this will not be an issue when you decide to incorporate PVC cladding into your home. The moisture will not be able to penetrate, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free life.

Quick & Easy Installation

By far-and-away the most-notable selling point associated with PVC cladding is that you don’t have to make-use of the awful grout that was commonly used alongside tiles. Instead, you can purchase top-of-the-range adhesives that can be applied in a matter of seconds. After this, all that is required of you is that you stick the panels to the wall in an arrangement that suits you. This, it has to be said, is a major upgrade, and one that you will certainly be thankful for when the time comes to install.

Affordable Option

Whilst this is the last point to make it onto this list, it is by no-means any less important. Sometimes, one of the major obstacles that is encountered during renovation work is in relation to finances. If you would like to complete a top-tier redecoration, but are concerned that you are going to run out of money, the solution is simple - purchase a large quantity of PVC cladding panels. Even in big batches, these won’t put too-much of a dent in your bank account, which we are sure will be music to your ears. 

Bath Clad, An Introduction

Whilst you may not realise it, the fact of the matter is that various companies across the country profess to specialise in selling internal cladding. Although it was previously timber cladding boards and external cladding panels that were considered desirable, it is the internal variants that are currently causing a stir. Here at Bath Clad, we strive to work with our clients in order to ensure that they are left with smiles on their faces. Although not totally maintenance-free, our products will, without a doubt, prove to be a marked upgrade on the current wall decorations that you have. Think that the time has come to purchase PVC cladding, and want to place an order with us as soon as possible? If this is the case, the number that you need to call is 01274 728031.