Why Interior Cladding Is Better Option Than Tiling

by Thiago Agostinho

Ever since PVC cladding was introduced to the world, there has been a significant amount of debate raging in regards to whether or not this is the natural successor to the classic tiles that have been used over the years. People on both sides of the argument have points that they believe to be relevant, when in reality there is only one right answer. Here at Bath Clad, we advocate that there are few alternatives that are quite up to the standard of cladding panels, and we are more-than happy to illustrate as to why this is the case.  

1. The Installation

By far-and-away the biggest selling point associated with cladding is that you don’t have to spend hour-after-hour trying to do a good-job in regards to the installation. This, as we are sure you will agree, should be a painless experience, and one that can be completed with minimal hassle. Thanks to the innovative tongue-and-groove method that has been developed in conjunction with PVC cladding, you can be finished without having to face an unhealthy amount of stress.

2. The Cosmetics

Despite the love that tiles get in relation to their visuals, it is clear that they are not quite on the same level as top-of-the-range cladding panels. The versatility of PVC means that they can be manufactured in a variety of different ways; the result of this is that you can expect to be able to browse through a wide-range of designs. Regardless of your personal preferences, it should not take long for you to find a style that suits your home. If you don’t believe us, a quick look at Calcutta Marble or Crackle Glaze will open your eyes to the truth.

3. The Side-Effects

For those of you that have noticed that your bathroom is prone to temperature fluctuations, particularly in the colder winter months, you might be trying to work-out what can be done to address this problem. Whilst you could opt to replace your internal insulation, this will prove to be an arduous task. Instead of this, you would be better-off simply replacing your tiles with PVC panels. These have proven time-and-again to be excellent from an insulating standpoint, and we promise that they won’t let you down anytime in the near future.

4. The Maintenance

Although this is the last point to make it onto this list, you certainly shouldn’t regard it as being any-less important. The grout-work that is used to hold tiles in place is susceptible to rotting over time, and this will almost-certainly give you grief when you try and maintain its quality. Should you want to leave this problem in the past, the solution could not be clearer. The adhesives that are used in conjunction with PVC cladding is incredibly durable, and can stand the test of time with very little required in the way of maintenance.

Some Final Words

Have you been thinking of completing a total overhaul of your property’s aesthetics, and think that your first point-of-call should be your bathroom? After looking through your decorative options, do you think that the easy-to-install bathroom wall cladding panels are the option best-suited to your home? If you currently find yourself in either of the aforementioned situations, you might want to look at enlisting the help of the Bath Clad team. We have a fantastic array of bathroom wall panels from which to choose from, all of which are completely waterproof. We look to provide solutions to homeowners that are interested in alternatives to tiles. Why not speak to us today on 01274 728031, and see if we can provide you with some top-tier assistance?