The Benefits of Using Bathroom Panels Rather than Tiles

by Thiago Agostinho

Tiles are a practical solution for home renovations. Often used in a variety of rooms around the house, they are often seen as the pinnacle of decorative vigour and a homage to classic, sleek, sophisticated aesthetics. Just because they are frequently used in interior design, doesn't mean that they are the right choice for you, particularly in your bathroom, where overexposure to water can cause a variety of problems. 

Instead, you should try using bathroom panels. Here at Bath Clad, we can help to create the same incredible aesthetic but without any of the frustration, cost, and hassle. If you’re looking for luxurious finishes and marvellous design options, then you should consider bathroom panels rather than tiles.

Easier and Quicker to Install

No one wants to have to wait for your bathroom to be retiled, it’s a long, noisy and frustrating process. This is why bathroom panels are a practical choice. With our advanced tongue and groove clicking system, you'll be able to panel your whole bathroom in just 24-hours. And there's no need to wait for the grout to dry because there isn't any. 

Instead, you can use the shower as soon as you're finished fitting the panels. You don't even have to tear out the old tiles in order to put the panels on, because the panel can be easily and quickly fitted on top of existing tiles, stud, wood, and even concrete. It is a fast and efficient way for you to renovate your bathroom. 

The Aesthetically & Visually Appealing Option

With no grout, our panels are not an immediate target for mould, which can thrive in a mix of condensation and moisture that most bathrooms provide. When you tile a bathroom, you end up creating more of a space for mould to grow, particularly as tiles are known to absorb water, creating the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow. 

Our bathroom panels can help you to create a bathroom that is easy to maintain. You can just wipe down our panels with warm soapy water and you're good to go; no scrubbing or harsh chemicals. This means that you can just enjoy your bathroom, which will continue to be appealing for many years to come.

Don’t think that you will be holding back when you choose bathroom panels over tiles. While tiles obviously offer an incredible variety of finishes, so do bathroom panels. They’ve come a long way from what they used to be and now we can offer you an array of luxurious design options to suit whichever aesthetic you might be reaching for. 

Whether you're looking for an imitation marble interior that will reflect your sophisticated aesthetic or you're looking to create a homely, modern farmhouse aesthetic with wood effect panels, we have the option for you. Our bathroom designs can bring new life into whatever bathroom you're aiming to achieve.

The only thing holding back your bathroom design is your imagination. Here at Bath Clad, we can offer you an amazing selection of panels to suit all tastes. If you want to find out more about the benefits of bathroom panels and how they can transform your current bathroom, give us a call today on 01274 728031.