Inspirational Ideas to Introduce Black Cladding in your Bathroom 

by Thiago Agostinho

Black is a colour that can pair well with almost any colour. Choosing to have black cladding in your bathroom provides you with a huge range of decor options. Many bathrooms that you see are typically white, or neutral, lighter colours. Having black cladding in your bathroom can be a statement piece aesthetically, and also has many practical benefits such as hiding dirt marks much easier. If you would like a bit more clarity on the benefits of black cladding, then the team at Bath Clad, have given you some ideas of how to use it most effectively. 

Create a Feature Wall

If you want black cladding to stand out, then isolating it as a feature wall can be a way to draw attention to it, especially if it is surrounded by lighter colours that really pronounce the depth of the black. Feature walls are a great way to have a colour or design that you like, but aren’t looking to have the whole room the same, and with different types of black cladding like sparkles and marble-like panels you can bring that section of your room to life. 

Cladded Ceiling

If you are looking to get away from the traditional white ceiling, then turning to eye-catching black cladding, can give you the chance to do this. If a feature wall is not for you and you want all of your walls to be the same colour, then there is nothing stopping you from having black cladding on your ceiling, in fact it can have a fantastic visual impact on those using your bathroom.  

Whole Room 

To get a real sense of awe as you walk into your bathroom, you may want to cover your whole room with black cladding, and to get a really modern feel to your room you could even accompany your cladding with black accessories and fittings too. You can enjoy the different shades of black which can be brought out and play off of each other with a light source. 

Having your whole room decorated with a dark colour, especially black, may be a more suitable solution for larger bathrooms where you don’t have to worry about making the space seem larger with lighter colours. 

Pairing Accessories

If you are planning to introduce black cladding in your bathroom, whether for your entire room, or as a feature wall, you will want to make sure that the accessories in your bathroom are going to marry up well with the overall aesthetic. Gold and black are a great pairing, so you may be interested in having gold taps, mirrors and towels or if you are planning on making a sharp contrast, then you might like to have white baths, sinks, and other accessories. 

How Can We Assist you?

Black cladding is varied and can really add something to your bathroom no matter how you use it, and pairs well with many different accessories; it is a material that is well worth considering. There is a vast selection of black cladding at Bath Clad that will match varying preferences; from marble and tile effects to sparkles. 

In addition to black cladding you will also find plenty of other options in regards to colours and styles, which may be better suited to you. If you would be interested in finding out more about our products, then you can give us a call on 01274 728031, and our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer your questions or provide you with more information.