Breaking Down Why Shower Panels Should be Made From uPVC

by Thiago Agostinho

When you are ranking the materials that are used in bathrooms, there is a clear-and-obvious winner in terms of desirability. Since being introduced, uPVC have been seen as the best replacement to existing tiles that were in-place; upon closer inspection, it is not hard to see why this trend has come into existence. As a retailer that professes to specialise in producing high-end installations, Bath Clad’s team of experts are here to shed some light on the wide-range of benefits that uPVC shower panels have in comparison with the alternatives.

Affordable Option

Ceramic tiles, it must be said, are fantastic from a visual perspective. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that they command a high price, meaning that you would need to break the bank in order to place an order. The same cannot be said for uPVC shower panels. If you are trying to redesign your shower enclosure on a tight budget, it is hard to think of a material better-suited to your situation than uPVC. Being mass-producible works in its favour, as it keeps the price-tag affordable.

Quick Cleaning Process

Should you be someone that is not interested in spending large amounts of time cleaning your bathroom, it could be that you are a suitable candidate to take-advantage of uPVC panels for your shower space. The smooth surfaces are excellent for anyone that is trying to keep their maintenance requirements down to a minimum. Provided that you have access to run-of-the-mill cleaning products, as well as a cloth, you can quickly have your panels looking spotless and good-as-new. When you are finished cleaning, the sparkle will be impressive!

Improved Hygiene

Although it is true that the watertight finish of uPVC cladding panels is good for a number of reasons, something that is often forgotten about is the improved standard of hygiene that these bring to your bathroom. Never-again will you have to worry about waking up in the morning, only to see a large build-up of mold and bacteria. If left untreated, this would quickly harm your health, which is a scenario that you should try to avoid at all-costs.

Eco-Friendly Investment

uPVC is a recyclable material, in case you weren’t already aware - the chances are that if you are purchasing panels, they will be constructed from older models. In the grand scheme of things, this can allow you to have a clean conscience. You are making a concerted effort to lower your carbon footprint, through the use of recycled products. Similarly, when the time comes for your next renovation, you can make sure that your panels get a new home.

Need Some Assistance?

Not only are you now blessed with all the facts relating to the major selling-points of bathroom wall panels that are constructed from uPVC; you are also face-to-face with a retailer that, above all-else, will put your needs first. Here at Bath Clad, we are proud of the fact that we remain up-to-date with the range of colour schemes and designs that are popular within the world of interior design. We take these trends on-board, and ensure that our customers have access to first-class products. 

Think that, before purchasing our shower wall panels, you would like to discuss your proposed bathroom design with a member of our team? Determined to invest in an alternative to tiles, but are unsure as to which panels are best-suited to your feature wall? If these statements relate to you, now is the perfect time to call us on 01274 728031; we look forward to hearing from you.