2021’s Most-Popular Cladding Panels | What Should You Choose?

by Thiago Agostinho

Whilst it may not feel like it, the fact of the matter is that we are already nine months into 2021. This is a year that has certainly been rather turbulent; there have been numerous ups-and-downs, but we are finally starting to return to a state of semi-normality. Since the start of the year, it has become clear that cladding panels are the way of the future, and that there are certain styles which are proving to be more-popular than others. Here to offer you an insight as to which options are 2021’s best-sellers, are the Bath Clad team.


As soon as you clap eyes on the Damask panels, you will no-doubt appreciate why this particular design has proven to be incredibly popular amongst UK homeowners. This is a design that is a departure from the plain backdrops that have been found in bathrooms for decades. Instead of limiting yourself to a bathroom that is characterised by its bland aesthetics, be adventurous and push the boat out with this adventurous design.

Klassic Tile

For those of you that have been forced to live with tile-work fitted in your bathroom, you will most-likely find yourself in something of a quandary. Although you might like the visuals that they bring to the table, from a practical standpoint they are being rendered redundant by the cladding panels that are beginning to dominate the market. A compromise that you may not have considered until now is investing in Klassic Tiles. These are excellent, as they combine the old-fashioned looks of tiles with the modern benefits of PVC panels.

Black Sparkle

When you are renovating your bathroom, you have a number of important decisions that need to be made. Namely, you can either play it safe and opt for a design that blends into the background, or you can try and make a statement. Should you follow the latter way of thinking, you need look no further than Black Sparkle cladding. These panels can be used to create a brooding atmosphere within your bathroom; when you are having a soak within your bathtub, we guarantee that you will be grateful that this was the choice that you made. 

Concrete Stripes

At first, your eyes may struggle to comprehend what they are seeing when you cast your gaze over the Concrete Stripes design. These provide something similar to an optical illusion, and will have all of your guests talking when they make-use of the facilities. If you are not afraid to experiment with things that others consider to be ‘too-radical’ or ‘too-different’, we promise that these panels will play an integral part in bringing your vision to life. Further down the line, these could even serve to boost the overall value of your home.

How Can Bath Clad Help You?

As you can see, cladding panels come in all-types of shapes and sizes. Some homeowners, for instance, will want to purchase bathroom cladding that is rather subtle - they won’t want the room to be too bright. Other properties feature incredibly loud interior decor, and their owners will want for this to be replicated within the bathroom. Regardless of the category that you fall into, you can be sure of one thing; when you come to Bath Clad, you won’t be left feeling disappointed. The PVC bathroom wall panels that we possess are not only easy to install, courtesy of the tongue-and-groove technique, but they are also varied in terms of their designs. If you would like to get to grips with what we can offer you, you can reach us at 01274 728031.